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NowThis Rants: Chris Gethard

Chris Gethard on the underground Men's Rights Movement.
NowThis News; 2014

House Arrest Pilot

Beth and Retta prepare to audition for the TV show Smash.

Smash Audition
with Retta

Beth and Retta prepare to audition for the TV show Smash.
My Damn Channel; 2012

Cheer Up, Grumpy Cat
with Grumpy Cat

Nate tries his best to put a smile on Grumpy Cat's face.
OkayNate; 2012


Whiskey & Whittling
with Julie Klausner & Ted Leo

Julie Klausner, Ted Leo & Chris Spooner visit the Brooklyn Brainery, where they take a class in whiskey and whittling.
How Was Your Week; 2012

with H. Jon Benjamin

Jon Benjamin and Ann Carr deal with the aftermath of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis.
My Damn Channel; 2012


Concussion on the Red Carpet

Beth Hoyt interviews the stars the Young Hollywood Awards after she may or may not have suffered brain damage. 
My Damn Channel; 2012

Kurt's Apartment
with Kurt Braunohler

Beth goes to hang out with her friend, Kurt Braunohler and things take a festive turn.
My Damn Channel; 2012

Haunted House
with Grace Helbig

DailyGrace, Beth, & Nate visit Times Scare haunted house to ghoularious results.
My Damn Channel; 2012


Intimate Interview
with Steve Rannizzisi

Beth has Steve Rannizzisi over to her house for what becomes more than an interview.
My Damn Channel; 2012

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